All Full Forms in computer for CCC Online Test | SSC | Bank

All Full Forms in computer for CCC Online Test | SSC | Bank
Important for CCC, Bank, SSC… and all Competitive Exams are present below with ALL Computer Full Forms . The complete series has been prepared. We have published different posts related to all alphabet, in the meantime. In separate posts of all alphabets, you will find all the complete forms related to that alphabet along with ccc full form & full form for ccc exam.

All Computer Full Forms
Today we will see all the complete forms related to B Alphabet in it. We had previously published Computer Important Full Forms related to A alphabet.

Computer Important Full Forms Started To A alphabet

All Full Forms in computer for CCC Online Test | SSC | Bank

Computer full forms Related to A alphabet

Table Full Form ‘A’

ABR – Area Boarder Router

ADC – Analog-to-Digital Converter

ADB – Apple Desktop Bus

ADE – Automatic Design Engineering

ADO – ActiveX Data Objects

ADSI – Active Directory Service Interfaces

AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port

AIF – Application Integration Feature

AJAX – Asynchronous Java Script And XML

ALGOL – Algorithmic Language

ALU – Arithmetic And Logical Unit

APCI – Application-Layer Protocol Control Information

ARC – Advanced Risk Computing

ASF – Active Server Page

ATA – At Attachment

ARPA – Advanced Research Agency Addressing

AVI – Audio Visual Interleaving

ASG – Abstract Semantic Graph

ASIC – Application Service Provider

ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment

Full form for ccc exam online test

full forms of computer ‘B’

BAR – Base Address Register

Basic – Beginner’s All Purpose Sympolic

BFD – Binary File Descriptor

BGP – Border Gateway Protocol

BBS – Bulletin Board System

BCD – Binary Coded Decimal

BCR – Bar Code Reader

BMP – Basic Multilingual Plane

BRAN – Broadband Radio Access Networks

BIN – Binary

BMP – Bit Map

BIOS – Basic Input Output System

BOF – Beginning Of File

BOOTP – Bootstrap Protocol

BPI – Bytes Per Inch

BPS – Bits Per Second

All Computer Full Forms
All the Computer Full Forms that start with C alphabet are given below. Along with that you will also get full details below, you can learn them if you want. ccc full form

CCC online test

full forms of computer ‘C’

C Alphabet Computer Full Forms

CAL – Common Application Language

CAE – Common Application Environment

CAD – Computer Aided Design

CAT – Computer Aided Translation

CAQ – Computer Aided Quality Assurance

CC – C Compiler

CPN – Central Processing Node

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

CDOT – Center For D

CDR – Compact Disk Recordable

CDRom – Compact Disk Read Only Memory

CDRW – Compact Disk Rewritable

CDR/W – Compact Disk Read/Write

COBOL – Common Busines Oriented Language

CGA – Colour Graphic Array

CGI – Common Gateway Interface

CAI – Computer Assisted Instruction

CLR – Common Language Runtime

CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semicondoctor

CNC – Computer Numerical Control

COLBOL – Common Business-Oriented Language

COM – Component Object module

COMAL – Common Algorithmic Language

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

CSI – Common System Interface

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

CT -Computerized Tomography

CTCP -Client-To-Client Protocol

CD – Compact Disk

CTS – Clear To Send

CU – Central Unit

CUA – Control User Access

All full forms of computer ‘D’

DAA – Data Access Arrangement

DB – Database

DBMS – Database Management System

DCE – Data Communication Equipment

DDS – Digital Data Storage

DIM – Device Interface Module

DHTML – Dynamic HTML

DLC -Data Link Control

DTR – Data Terminal Ready

DVD – Digital Versatile Disk

DIVX – Digital Video Express

DNS – Domain Name System

DOS – Disk Operating System

DPMI – Dos Protected Mode Interface

DRAM – Dynamic RAM

DVD RW – DVD Re Writable

DTP – Desktop Publishing

DVR – Digital Video Recorder


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