How indian citizens can defeat china economically by just sitting at their home.

China is becoming very big problem to india and also for other countries. china is also covering our land day by day. china has already covered some land of laddakh. the main goal of covering land of laddakh and himalayas is very misterious. most of us don’t know that india is very rich in materials like gold and all that. in himalayas it is found that there is very huge content of gold. india don’t want to harm the nature so that india is not taking any benifit of that. we know that china will not take care of nature.

china has already made clear this by covid-19 cases. china is harming the nature very badly. so it is very important for each and every country and their citizens to defeat china economically. some study says that spreading of COVID-19 from china to other countries is the plan of china to harm other contries economically and become the world’s super power.

so, it is very important of all the citizens of india and other countries to take a stand against china. We can defeat china by taking a stand together. we should boycott chinese apps and softwares with in a week and boycott chinese products and electronics with in a year. we cannot do this in a day. if we do this together we can do this with in a year. we should boycott most of the chinese products and using the indian products. there are many chinese products which can be replaced by indian products. this can increase the economic condition of the country and also can hit china’s economy.

We all think that why indian government is not banning products of china. so i want to tell those friends that our many countries are connected to (WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION) WTO so the every country has right to sell their product to other countries without any problem. other country can’t do anything until the product violates the countries terms and conditions. so indian govt can’t do anything about this. if the demand of chinese products will decrease then it will automatically not visible in the market.

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