How to remove bitnami banner from wordpress aws ec2 hosted website.

In amazon web services when we install wordpress to any of the instances then the wordpress website shows a bitnami manage banner at right bottom corner of the page. there are two ways to remove bitnami banner from aws hosted wordpress website. one way is very simple for beginner in aws. but the other way is very cool and recommended method to remove bitnami banner. i will tell you the easy method first. it is your choice to choose one of these methods.

Easy method to remove bitnami banner

Add a custom css in the wordpress custom css field.

add this line in the wordpress custom css field

bitnami-banner {display:none;}

2. Other method

this method is very tricky but awesome. i recommend you to use this method to remove bitnami banner from your wordpress website.

step 1. Use your ssh key pair that you already created and downloaded during crating an instance.

Use ssh key pair in putty key generation software to convert it to .ppk format.

first of all you need Putty software so download putty software from here Download Putty

after putty installation you need to open C:\Program Files\PuTTY. on this location you will find puttygen file. run that file. putty key generator will be open and you will see the interface like in the above image.

you have to click on the Load button to load the ssh key that you have downloaded during instance creation. the file will be of .pem format.

after that click on the save private key like in the above image to save a .ppk file which will be used to connect to instance.

step 2. Open putty configuration file to configure Putty

copy and paste the public ip of your instace at both the field and then click on the save button. then go to the SSH and click on auth for next step.

after these steps go to the SSH field shown above and then choose Auth. after that browse the .ppk file which you created by .pem file. after that go to the connection>Data for next step.

In this step go to Data field and write bitnami in the auto-login username as shown in the image above. after that go to the session and choose ip and then click open. you will see an interface like this given below.

copy and paste the command one by one and run the command to remove bitnami banner from wordpress.

command 1.

sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig --disable_banner 1

copy the above code as it is and paste it to the console using right click and press enter.

command 2.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart

do it as above command. it’s all done. to ensure that the bitnami banner is removed or not check your website. thank you.

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