How to send bulk whatsapp messages to your loved ones without using your phone. | python script.

Today everyone wants to impress her loved ones and just try to spend whole time with her by whatsapp messages or by phone call. some of them don’t have that much time to spend with her so they get frustrated. Now you don’t need to worry about that because there is a solution about this. you can wish good morning to your loved ones without waking up early and also you can wish her on her birthday without even taking care or remembering about the day. just without anything. you can set your own time and also you can set the number of contacts you want to send. so i am going to share a Python script by which you can do all stuff without doing anything. even don’t have to worry about opening your laptop or mobile.

you need following dependencies in your system

1. Python 2 or 3

2. twilio account

3. online system or hosting to run python script anytime without your presence.

so these are the important steps you have to take care. after that you do not havve to do anything. this is a video about python script and twilio account to send whatsapp messages without your presence.

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