PS5 Hard Drive Size: How Much Memory Will PlayStation 5 Have?

Jun 12, 2020

The PS5 will come with a custom SSD hard drive at launch which is much faster than any PS4 hard drive. Continue reading for details on the PS5 hard drive size.

Sony’s upcoming gaming console is still far from its release, but the company has revealed some of its specs to give fans an idea of just how powerful the machine is going to be. The PS5 is quite a powerful gaming console with a drastic improvement over its predecessor. So, let’s take a look at what the next-generation console has to offer.

PS5 hard drive size

Instead of a traditional internal HDD, the new PlayStation 5 will come with an internal SSD, which is one of the biggest highlights of this powerful machine. And while PS4 users still have an option to hook up an SSD to their console, it’s just something that users will no longer need to purchase and attach separately. The major difference between the two storage components is that an SSD does not have any kind of moving parts where the data is stored on a flash-memory chip. HDDs, on the other hand, rely on moving mechanical parts to read and copy information, making the whole process much slower. This is one of the biggest reasons certain games perform better on an SSD.

How much memory will PS5 have?

PS5’s SSD will have 825 GB in size. And while this may not last a long time as the file sizes of newer games have always been on the rise, Sony will actually provide users with some options. The first option would be buying and installing an additional SSD card known as NVMe drive while the second option would be using an external USB hard drive. However, it should be noted that the external USB drive will only be able to run backward compatible PS4 titles.

PS5 SSD tech specifications

Internal storage capacity: 825GB

I/O Throughput (read speed): 5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (Compressed)

Expandable Storage: NVMe SSD slot

External Storage: USB HDD support

PS5 cost

Sony is yet to reveal any details on the pricing of PlayStation 5, however, recent analyst predictions have estimated that the PS5 price could be anywhere between $470 to $499 (approx. ₹35,412 to ₹37,609). The price is on the high side if you compare it to the PS4 which was released at $399.99.

Sony held a PS5 reveal event on June 11 where it finally unveiled the gaming console and announced a long list of titles playable on the powerful machine. For those who missed the big Sony PS5 reveal event, you can watch the entire show in a live stream video catchup here:

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