Samsung Galaxy Beans Design, Features, Leaks And Estimated Price; Details Here

As per reports, Samsung will launch a new pair of earbuds this year i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Beans. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Galaxy buds.

As per reports, Samsung will launch a completely overhauled pair of earbuds this year, called the Galaxy Buds Bean. Further, the Samsung Galaxy buds will have a kidney-shaped design due to which they might be referred to as Samsung Galaxy Beans. Recently the South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung launched wireless earbuds called the Galaxy Buds+.

These earbuds came with the Samsung Galaxy S20 mobile. However, these earbuds were not significantly revamped by Samsung. Changes were only noticed in the audio experience and battery life.

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According to a media portal, the sketches and 3D models of the new Galaxy buds have been created by Samsung. As per reports, Samsung has created a different design of the Samsung Galaxy Beans to prevent the Galaxy buds from protruding out of the ears. Further, the Samsung Galaxy Beans are said to measure 2.8 cm long.

The lower part of the Samsung Galaxy buds will sit inside the ear canal. On the other hand, the back of the Samsung Galaxy Beans will fill the upper part of the ear. However, users are yet to find out if the design will provide effective isolation of the ambient noise.

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As per reports, the model number of the new Samsung Galaxy Beans will be SM-R180. Further, the earbuds will have two small loudspeakers with an outside channel for improved sound. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy buds will be equipped with integrated microphones. These microphones will aid phone calls and also allow ambient noise to pass through. According to reports, the Galaxy buds are in the first Engineering Validation Testing phase. 

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The Samsung Galaxy buds will have an RTOS (Real-time operating system). As of date, the Galaxy Buds/Buds+ also have the Real-time operating system. Such an operating system will allow the Samsung Galaxy Beans to connect to Samsung as well as non-Samsung Android devices through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

Further, the Galaxy Wearable application will help to provide access to ambient sound. Other features of the Galaxy buds include multi-device connectivity, Bixby integration for voice control, and Spotify integration for touchpads.

Samsung Galaxy Beans leaks:

Here are some leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Beans:

  • The Samsung Buds Live might be available in 3 colours i.e. Black, White and the new Mystic Bronze colour.
  • The Samsung Buds Live might have a noise cancellation feature.
  • According to some leaks, the Galaxy Buds Plus price might be $150.

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