Suspicious E-mail Detection Project With Source Code in Free

Aug 16, 2020



 In this project, suspicious users are identified by determining the keywords used by him/her. The keywords such as bomb, RDX, are found in the mails which are sent by the user. All these blocked mails are checked by the administrator and identify the users who sent such mails. This is very useful in real-time scenario in which you can resume the anti-social activities.


The purpose of the project is to suspect the E-mails which consist of offensive, anti-social elements and block them which help in identifying the suspicious user.


  1. Login Module
  2. Registration Module
  3. Administration Module
  4. Encryption Module
  5. Mailing Module

1.Login Module

This module is used by administrator and users (who are authenticated) to login into the Colors mail. The login details of the specified person will be entered and hence can enter into the Colors mail.

2.Registration Module

This module is used by the unauthenticated users who are unregistered. The users must register themselves such that they can login into the Colors mail.

3.Administration Module

This module is used by the administrator to perform the functions like managing the keywords, entering new keywords and to check out the block list of the discarded mails.

4.Encryption Module

This module is used by the administrator to perform the functions like encryption of the words. The encrypted words are sent to the database and hence managed by the administrator.

5.User Module

This module is used by the users to do operations like composing mail, checking out the mails in inbox and finally sending the mails to the authenticated users by attaching a message.

6.Mailing Module

This module is used by the users perform mailing system. The mailing system consists of composing the mails, sending the mails and checking out the mails in inbox.

This module allows employees to register and manage patient details. When a request is made, an employee immediately dispatches an ambulance with available doctor and other attendants. Employee keeps track of patient status and in case of emergency consults a hospital for admitting the patient.


In this scenario overall system is designed in three tires separately using three layers called presentation layer, business logic layer and data link layer. This project was developed using 3-tire architecture.

URL Pattern:

URL pattern represents how the requests are flowing through one layer to another layer and how the responses are getting by other layers to presentation layer through server                                                                                                                                                         



In the existing system, the mails are sent to the authenticated users who are intended to be received. Some defects in existing system are:

  • Suspicious mails cannot be detected.
  • Offensive users cannot be identified.


 In the proposed system the suspicious users are detected and the offensive mails are blocked

Features of proposed system:

  • This helps in finding out anti social elements.
  • This provides the security to system which adapts it.
  • This also helps the intelligence bureau, crime branch etc.,
  • Insurance premium calculations, for quarterly, half yearly and annually is completely automated gives us a reliable environment.
  • The system provides claim reporting and status enquiry.



       Web Technologies                       : PHP,HTML, CSS, JavaScript,AJAX

        Database                                     : MYSQL

        Server                                         : Xampp


1.Home Page

This is the User and Admin’s Signup  page where he/she enters his/her personal details and gets registered to secure mail page.

2.Login Page

It is the login page where number of users and admin login by entering their username and passwords. New user has to select the register option to create a user account and then he can login.


 Here is admin home page where he/she has the ability to manage keywords, encrypt keywords. Admin has a feature of viewing the blocked mails .


  Here admin adds numerous keywords by clicking the add Keyword.


  Here admin displays all the words which he/she had entered into the list

Admin can also enter and see all encrypted words.

6.  Editing The Keyword

  Here admin edit  all the keywords which he/she had entered into the list

7.Deleting The Keyword

  Here admin delete  all the words which he/she had entered into the list.


Here is the mail box where users can compose their mails.

9.Blocked Mails For One Day

If Message contains suspicious keyword then user will be blocked for one day


 This screen gives the message in inbox of other user can read the mails, compose the mails.


Email has been an efficient and popular communication mechanism as the number of Internet user’s increase. In many security informatics applications it is important to detect deceptive communication in email.  In this application the mails are classified as suspicious or normal using the key words and encrypted keywords. The mails containing these keywords and encrypted keywords are classified as suspicious mails and they can be blocked and verified by the administrator. The proposed work will be helpful for identifying the suspicious email and also assist the investigators to get the information in time to take effective actions to reduce the criminal activities.


            Even though the project fulfills the requirements of the present application there is always scope for further work. According to the emerging changes and new versions, further work can be done to improve the application Since project is designed in a flexible software.

            This application which is a web based is of standalone application. This can be implemented on internet by buying the network space and by creating a website.

           The present application when implemented on internet requires a large database as the backend; this can be done by using the Sql database as the backend.

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