Top 5 best hosting companies in india | best and cheap hosting

Jul 19, 2020

Hosting your website to the best hosting companies and with the best plan is very common issue. In india there are many web hosting companies which are giving you very budget friendly hosting. Most of them are very popular like Hostinger , Siteground and many more. Most of them are very cheap and others are very expensive but very fast. Today i will tell you the best and cheapest hosting plan for your website or blog.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is the very best plan for the starter websites and blogs. It is also best for small companies. It provides very fast performance at a very low price. It is the cheapest web hosting company ever to provide very fast performance than Godaddy and other hosting comapnies. I have already used Godaddy before and my website is always used to down when visitors increases.

It has 99ms load time in India

Hostinger has 178ms average load time which is the very less load time as compared to Hostgator , Godaddy and other websites. I’m already using Hostinger web hosting. is already hosted by hostinger and u can see the results by just using this website. the website loads very quickly.

2. SiteGround

Siteground should be the first in terms of website performance and speed. if you talk about the prices it should be the last one.

siteground gives the fastest performance for your website but it is little expensive. Siteground is the best solution for the middle level business websites and ecommerce websites because it gives very fast performance and very less load time. it has very low load time upto 66ms in india and 152ms avg. which is better than hostinger but it is very expensive and not a good solution for starter websites.

3. A2 hosting

A2 hosting is ranked third in the list of best hosting has 165ms load time in india which is less than hostinger and siteground.

It is cheaper than siteground. i will recommend to choose hostinger if u want to choose A2hosting.

4. Godaddy india

Godaddy stands fourth in the list of best hosting plans. according to my experience godaddy is best for purchasing domains. godaddy gives the cheapest domains ever. godaddy is very famous in india but it is not much good for hosting heavy websites. it is also expensive than hostinger. it is only best for blogging websites. if you host many websites in one plan than it will make your websites down. i have purchased deluxe plan for Rs 5100 and hosted 6 websites in one plan one website was mostly down when visitors increases.

godaddy is best for customer support and fast services. it has 111ms load time india it good but not works for heavy websites.

5. Bluehost

bluehost is last in this list it has low performance and high price as well in terms of performance.

it has 314ms load time in india which is very high . it also has high price as compared with hostinger and godaddy.

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