Tech Mahindra Interview Questions | Technical and HR Rounds

This article will focus on the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions, Process, and Tips for both the Technical and the HR rounds. This article also includes the interview experience in Tech Mahindra.

Tech Mahindra Interview Process

The candidates who clear the first two rounds in the Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process will be notified of the results and called for the final round – Tech Mahindra Interview Question Round – Technical and HR.

Please note that if you don’t receive any notification about the Interview opportunity after the Written Test, you must contact your placement cell or follow up with the company via email or call.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions – Technical and HR Round

This stage of the Tech Mahindra Placement Process is the final and deciding round for the candidate to prove his/her employability skills. This Tech Mahindra Interview Question Round takes place separately by two different panels.

The candidate must project a good professional impression. This round takes place after the candidate clears the Written round i.e the Tech Mahindra Aptitude Round.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions – Technical Round

Tech Mahindra Technical Interview Questions – This round is for candidates who clear the Tech Mahindra Written Round. The candidate can expect Interview questions on any from the subject of study. Good subject knowledge is required to clear this round.

The candidate should have knowledge of the following concepts.

Concepts to get prepared 
Data structures
Operating System
OOPs concepts
Programming language of one’s choice

Candidates from branches other than CS should prepare for subjects related to their branch. CS candidates will be tested on coding during the interview. The panel will also be asking questions from the resume, so one should be well prepared with what they have written in their CV. Questions related to puzzles are also asked in this round.

Some common technical questions are mentioned below:

  1. What do you mean by 3NF in DBMS?
  2. What is the operating system?
  3. What is the difference between Java and C++?
  4. What is a pointer?
  5. Tell us more about the pointer?
  6. Write about double-linked list programs?
  7. What is Join in DBMS?

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions – Tips for Technical Round

There is no hard and fast rule for what questions will be asked in this round. You can expect any question as this depends entirely on the panel. We can give some insights on some of the Tech Mahindra Interview

Questions and answers for freshers:

  • For Computer Science students, be prepared with Data Structure, Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Networking, OOPs concepts, and a programming language of your choice.
  • For other branch students, be prepared with at least 2 subjects from your branch.
  • Your Resume, for the panel, is the most relevant data about you. Make sure you are aware of whatever you write on the resume as the panel will ask questions from that.
  • The panel will also ask about your final year project (if any). Hence, it is important to be thoroughly aware of the same.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions – HR Round

For this round, there is no specific pattern, a candidate will have to answer questions based on his/her personal choice, there are no right answers or wrong answers, and it is basically to test one’s personality. Confidence, patience, and a smile are the key to clearing this round. It is good to be aware of the most commonly asked questions but it is not advisable to learn the answers by heart. Take some tips but always frame your own answers.

Some of the common questions asked are mentioned below:

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Which is your favorite subject and why?
  3. Why do you want to work for IBM?
  4. Would you be interested in joining any other company?
  5. Would you be comfortable working in shifts?
  6. What subjects have you done in your project?

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions – Tips for HR Round

After the panel is done with asking Technical questions, the discussions will shift to your career plans and milestones, known as the HR Round.

Interview Experience

Candidate Name: Swathi

University Name: Silicon Institute of Technology

Selection Status: Selected

Overall Interview Rating: 4.75

I applied to Tech Mahindra through campus placements. The whole process took one day, starting with an online written test consisting of questions from English, Reasoning, and Maths. There were a total of 75 questions to be finished in 50 minutes. These 75 questions were divided into 7 sections. Luckily, there was no negative marking so I tried to attempt as many questions as possible. Most of the questions are solvable if you have basic knowledge of aptitude and English. Time Management is a must during the test. After the time is up, a screen will display the result. I got a congratulations window on my screen which meant I had cleared the round. After this, a picture was displayed on the screen for the story writing round – 200 words story in 15 mins. The result for this round came after 30 minutes. Fortunately, I got selected and was called for the Tech Mahindra Interview question round.

The next round was the TR about which I was very stressed. The panel was 2 people and they asked me questions from my resume and then gave me two programs to write:

  1. How are duplicates removed from a given array in Java?
  2. Write a method that will remove any given character from a String

I made some mistakes in writing the code but my logic and the explanation were correct which was good enough for the interviewers. The next round was HR and it went very smoothly. The interviewer asked me about my hometown and my college life and asked why I want to join Tech Mahindra. Thorough research about the company really helped me in this round. After a few days, we were notified of the results and I was shortlisted and soon received the offer letter.

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