Top 30 Programming / Coding Interview Questions & Answers

In this Tutorial, we have Provided the Most Common Coding Interview Questions & Answers with Program Logic & Code Examples for you to Practice Programming:

We are all aware that answering the most basic coding or programming interview questions determines how we perform in an interview. The interview may be for Java, C++, or a Javascript requirement, but the basis remains the same, that is how strong we are in the foundations of programming logic.

Also if our approach is prompt and subtle in an interview, the probability of selection is higher. So read on for cracking the coding interview questions.

Remember to study and practice these programming interview questions before facing an interview. This will not only boost your conviction but also will be helpful to answer them quickly. The questions will mainly cover subjects like arrays, string, linked list, and so on.

Frequently Asked Basic Programming / Coding Interview Questions

Q #1) How can you reverse a string?

Q #2) What is a palindrome string?

Q #3) How to get the matching characters in a string?

Q #4) How to get the non-matching characters in a string?

Q #5) How to calculate the number of vowels and consonants in a string?

Q #6) How do you prove that the two strings are anagrams?

Q #7) Find the count for the occurrence of a particular character in a string.

Q #8) How to verify if two strings are a rotation mutually?

Q #9) How to calculate the number of numerical digits in a string?

Q #10) How to compute the first character of a string that is not repeated?

Q #11) How to search a missing number in an array that contains integers from 1 to 100?

Q #12) How to get the matching elements in an integer array?

Q #13) How to delete the repeated elements in an integer array?

Q #14) Determine the largest and the smallest element of an array which is not sorted.

Q #15) Explain the bubble sort algorithm.

Q #16) Implement the insertion sort algorithm.

Q #18) Explain the reversal of an array.

Q #19) How to remove special characters in a string that is in lowercase?

Q #20) How to perform swapping two strings by not using a third variable?

Q #21) How to traverse to the middle of a linked list?

Q #22) Implement the process of reversing a linked list.

Q #23) What is the process of deleting matched elements from a linked list which is not sorted.

Q #24) How to get the length of a linked list?

Q #25) How to search a specific value in a linked list?

Q #26) How to verify if a number is prime or not?

Q #27) How to get the third node of a linked list?

Q #28) Compute the first five Fibonacci numbers.

Q #29) How to reverse a number?

Q #30) Determine the factors of a number.


We are hopeful that many of the answers to your queries on the basic coding interview questions have been clarified.

Most of the coding implementation which we have discussed are in Java, however, even if you are unaware of the language, the steps or the details of the algorithm given here for most of the questions will help you to prepare for an interview.

Work hard on your basics of programming, logic, data structures, stay calm, and practice these programming interview questions.

All the Best for your upcoming interview!!

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