Online Examination Java Project for College

Online Examination Java Project


Exam Software is a Test Management Software, which offers a complete solution for Computer Based Test (CBT) .They are used to set up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and the results logged beside the student’s reference number.


  • Administrator login.
  • Student registration.
  • Management and update of student information ,instructions and questions.
  • scope for fixing negative marks and maximum marks to each question.
  • Display of result in the form of total score ,correct responses attempted and non attempted questions.


  • Physical presence at a given location is absolutely not necessary.
  • No time is spent on evaluation.
  • Results are available instantly.
  • The time of starting and completion of examination can be recorded at the server and the student cannot manipulate the same.
  • Even for subjects that the actual examination that will not be conducted online students can be given extensive practice and training by holding online Mock Tests.
  • Almost all competitive exams are multiple choice types and these can be easily conducted online, for example GCET – Goa Common Entrance Test held to shortlist candidates for medical and engineering courses.
  • Trends of the examination including topic wise trends of each subject can be easily obtained if required.

Read this for the better understanding of the project

JSP or Java servlet pages is a server side programming technique. It enables in creating dynamic content in web pages.

JSP Directives

<%@ page … %>These attributes will apply to entire pageEg : <%@ page attribute=“value” %>  
<%@ include … %>This will include another file during translation phaseEg : <%@ include file=“value” %>  
<%@ taglib … %> This will define the tag libraryEg : <%@ taglib uri=” “ prefix=” “ %>  

Use of web.xml file

Java web applications use a deployment descriptor file to decide which URL should point to which servlet.

This file is named as web.xml. It is placed in application’s WAR under the WEB-INF/ directory.

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