(1)In mixing of powder which method is used when potent substances are mixed with a large amount of diluent.

(a) Spatulation                     

(b) Geomatric dilution 

(c) Trituration

(d) Sifting

(2) Which paper is used for wrapping of powder.

(a) Plastic Paper

(b) Art Paper

(c) White Glazed Paper

(d) Amber colour Paper

(3) Which powder is used into the body cavities as well as umbilical cords of infants.

(a) Medicated dusting Powder

(b) Fine powder

(c) Surgical dusting Powder

(d) Both A and B

(4) Dusting Powder should be pass through

(a) Sieve number 120

(b) Sieve number 22

(c) Sieve number 80

(d) Sieve number 44

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(5) Medical dusting Powder used mainly

(a) Superficial skin condition

(b) During Surgery

(c) In to body cavities

(d) In major wounds

(6) In which container dusting Powder are dispensed

(a) Sifter top container

(b) Plastic Container

(c) Stainless steel container

(d) Glass container

(7) Which one is Finely divided solid dosage forms inhaled in to nostrils.

(a) Insufflations 

(b) Medicated dusting Powder

(c) Snuffs

(d) Both A and B

(8) Inhalation of dusting Powder by infants may lead to

(a) Pulmonary inflammation

(b) Nausea and Vomiting

(c) Cancer

(d) All of the Above

Pharmaceutics II MCQ Pdf

(9) Surgical dusting Powder must be sterilized by

(a) Moist heat Sterilization

(b) Gaseous Sterilization

(c) Dry heat Sterilization

(d) Both A and B

(10) Abrasive agents used in dentifrices are

(a) Calcium Sulphate

(b) Sodium Carbonate

(c) Magnesium Carbonate

(d) All of the Above

(11) Cachets are also Known as 

(a) Soft gelatin capsule

(b) Hard gelatin capsule

(c) Wafer capsule

(d) Both A and B

(12) The powder which absorb moisture from the atmosphere are called

(a) Hygroscopic Powder

(b) Deliquescent powder

(c) Efflorescent powder

(d) All of the Above

Pharmaceutics II MCQ Pdf

(13) Which dosage form is prepared from rice paper, which is made by pouring a mixture of rice flour and water

(a) Snuffs

(b) Cachets

(c) Insufflations

(d) Both A and B

(14) Some powders absorb moisture to such a great extent that they go in to solution are known as

(a) Efflorescent powder

(b) Medicated powder

(c) Hygroscopic Powder

(d) Deliquescent powder

(15) Dusting Powder should be applied with

(a) Powder puff

(b) Sterilized gauze pad

(c) Both A and B

(d) Palm

Answer –

1 (b), 2 (c), 3 (c), 4 (c), 5 (a), 6 (a), 7 (c),

8 (a), 9 (c), 10 (d), 11 (c), 12 (a), 13 (b),

14 (d), 15 (c)