All In One Status Saver is an Android All Social Media Video and Image Downloader App. You can Save WhatsApp, WA Business, Twitter, and Instagram Videos and Images, Reel with All In One Status Saver. You can Download Likee and Facebook Video Without Watermark.

So You can easily share them from the App. Interstitial and Banner Ad Support and Many More Features are Available in the App, Download the App and see all the features , status downloader app.

Note: If TikTok and Likee change their source then video without watermark will not work and We can not guarantee the time required to make it available again. The normal download will work image downloader app.

Download Source Code

Video downloader APK Download : Click Me

Password: 12345

Get the full source code android video downloader application.


Note: Don’t use the same logos which app is having and also don’t use whats app, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms original logo, Make it your own and replace them with your one.
How to Make Photo Video Maker App: Click Here.
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