How to download AdminLTE Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Breaking Change!
We dropped official node v12, it might be still work but we won’t give support for any node 12 bugs/errors.


  • Enhanced Dark Mode
  • SVG Font Awesome Icon support
  • Docker dev-preset
  • Reworked Dark/Light colors
  • Custom Scrollbar style (Non-Plugin-Scrollbar)


  • various fixes in IFrame plugin
  • fix link encoding in SidebarSearch plugin
  • fix division warning while sass building
  • fix disabled state for default & outline-light button
  • fix none-visible background colors while printing
  • various dark-mode fixes


  • add load error fallback for CardRefresh plugin
  • add collapsed-done event for ControlSidebar plugin & PushMenu plugin
  • add animationSpeed to ControlSidebar plugin & PushMenu plugin
  • add target selection for ControlSidebar plugin
  • add element fallback for ExpandableTable plugin
  • add allowReload & autoDarkMode to IFrame plugin
  • add iframe-dark example

Click here for download

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