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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the standard language for building web pages and is used to create the general structure of a website/web page. HTML tells the web browser how to display the web site’s content when the user loads the website. HTML consists of a set of elements that identify content as “headings,” “paragraphs,” “links,” and so on.

MCQs on HTML Language

Solve HTML Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. If you wish to learn more about HTML language and HTML MCQs, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on HTML by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

HTML Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which of these elements in HTML can be used for making a text bold?

a. <a>

b. <pre>

c. <br>

d. <b>

Answer: (d) <b>

2. Which tag do we use in HTML for inserting a line-break?

a. <a>

b. <br>

c. <b>

d. <pre>

Answer: (b) <br>

3. How to create a hyperlink in HTML?

a. <a link = “”> </a>

b. <a> < /a>

c. <a href = “”> </a>

d. <a url = “” /a>

Answer: (c) <a href = “”> </a>

4. In HTML, how do we insert an image?

a. <img src = “jtp.png” />

b. <img href = “jtp.png” />

c. <img link = “jtp.png” />

d. <img url = “jtp.png” />

Answer: (a) <img src = “jtp.png” />

5. Which tag do we use to define the options present in the drop-down selection lists?

a. <list>

b. <option>

c. <dropdown>

d. <select>

Answer: (b) <option>

6. In HTML, which of these would add a background color?

a. <marquee bgcolor = “plum”>

b. <marquee bg color: “plum”>

c. <marquee color = “plum”>

d. <marquee bg-color = “plum”>

Answer: (a) <marquee bgcolor = “plum”>

7. Which HTML tag do we use to display text along with a scrolling effect?

a. <div>

b. <scroll>

c. <marquee>

d. None of the above

Answer: (c) <marquee>

8. In HTML, we use the <hr> tag for ___________.

a. horizontal ruler

b. new line

c. new paragraph

d. vertical ruler

Answer: (a) horizontal ruler

9. What is the correct way of sending mail in HTML?

a. <mail ab@b</mail>

b. <a href = “ab@b”>

c. <a href = “mailto: ab@b”>

d. None of the above

Answer: (c) <a href = “mailto: ab@b”>

10. In HTML, the tags are __________.

a. in upper case

b. case-sensitive

c. in lowercase

d. not case sensitive

Answer: (d) not case sensitive

11. Which of these tags helps in the creation of a drop-down box or a combo box?

a. <input type = “dropdown”>

b. <list>

c. <ul>

d. <select>

Answer: (d) <select>

12. Which tag is used in HTML5 for the initialization of the document type?

a. <Doctype HTML>

b. <!DOCTYPE html>

c. <Doctype>

d. <\Doctype html>

Answer: (b) <!DOCTYPE html>

13. What is the correct way in which we can start an ordered list that has the numeric value count of 5?

a. <ol type = “1” start = “5”>

b. <ol type = “1” num = “5”>

c. <ol type = “1” begin = “5”>

d. <ol type = “1” initial = “5”>

Answer: (a) <ol type = “1” start = “5”>

14. Which one is the HTML document’s root tag?

a. <head>

b. <body>

c. <title>

d. <html>

Answer: (d) <html>

15. Which HTML tag do we use for displaying the power in the expression, (x² – y²)?

a. <p>

b. <sub>

c. <sup>

d. None of the above

Answer: (c) <sup>

16. In HTML, the correct way of commenting out something would be using:

a. ## and #

b. <!– and –>

c. </– and -/->

d. <!– and -!>

Answer: (b) <!– and –>

17. How does the <bdo> element work?

a. changes direction of the ltr text

b. override the direction of the rtl text

c. stops writing in current direction of text

d. override the text direction

Answer: (d) override the text direction

18. What attribute do we use for data binding?

a. datasrc

b. mayscript

c. name

d. datafld

Answer: (a) datasrc

19. The non-ASCII characters would be replaced with ________ by the process of URL encoding.

a. “+”

b. “%”

c. “&”

d. “*”

Answer: (b) “%”

20. Which of these entities is not defined in the XML?

a. apos

b. quot

c. copy

d. gt

Answer: (c) copy

21. The ____________ entity is used for the arrow.

a. &zeta

b. &crarr

c. &oelig

d. &upsih

Answer: (b) &crarr

22. Which of these doesn’t support the MP3 format?

a. Opera

b. Safari

c. Chrome

d. Firefox

Answer: (a) Opera

23. Which one of these helps us test if an old browser supports the geolocation?

a. Modernizr.geolocation

b. Modernizr

c. Modernizr.js

d. Navigator.userAgent

Answer: (d) Navigator.userAgent

24. Which of these classes helps make a text stand out?

a. .small

b. .lead

c. .text-center

d. .text-left

Answer: (b) .lead

25. What do we call after initializing a plug-in to get A scripting interface?

a. NP_GetMIMEDescription

b. NP_Initialize

c. NPP_GetValue

d. NP_GetValue

Answer: (c) NPP_GetValue



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