The management round interview tests your leadership skills and requires you to give detailed answers to the various questions asked.

1.What would you do if you were assigned to a team that was riven by internal strife? 
2.What will you do if your project’s deadline is abruptly pushed back?
3.What distinguishes you from the rest of the pack?
4.If you’re on a boat with your wife and father and the boat starts to sink, who do you think you’ll save?
5.What criteria should I use to evaluate you before entrusting you with any project?
6.How do you plan to lead a group of trainees?
7.What would you do if your supervisor repeatedly criticised your work?
8.What does success mean to you?
9.Are you more at ease working in a group or prefer to work alone?
10.What if your selected location isn’t available?
11.Describe a situation where you were asked to do something you do not like?

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