In this topic, we will learn about the migration commands. To view the migration commands, open the Git bash window, and enter the command “php artisan list“. This command lists all the commands available in Laravel.

  • migrate:fresh
  • migrate:install
  • migrate:refresh
  • migrate:reset
  • migrate:rollback
  • migrate:status

Migration commands


The migrate:fresh command is used to drop all the tables from the database, and then it re-runs all the migrations.

Syntax of migrate:fresh command:

php artisan migrate:fresh


The migrate:install command creates the migration table in a database.

Syntax of migrate:install command:

php artisan migrate:install


The migrate:refresh command is used to rollback all the migrations and then re-run the migrations. Basically, it is used to re-create the entire database.

Syntax of migrate:refresh command:

php artisan migrate:refresh


The migrate:reset command is used to rollback all the migrations, i.e., it drops all the tables that you have created in your database.

Syntax of migrate:reset command:

php artisan migrate:reset


The migrate:rollback is used to rollback the last database migration.


The migrate:status command is used to show the status of each migration.

Syntax of migrate:status command:

php artisan migrate:status

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