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Here are some positive snippets from interview reviews from Glassdoor:

  • “I got referred to a specific team at Microsoft as New Grad hiring was halted for 2016. Talked to a manager on the phone for an hour, and was asked about my resume and did a interview question. Was flown to Seattle 2 weeks later and had an onsite interview with the team at Redmond. It consisted of 5 interviews with coding and culture-fit questions. I was at the Microsoft Campus from 9AM to 4:30PM. The process was nice, and the interviews were more conversational than say Google onsite interviews. I got a call 2 days later with an offer to join the team.”
  • “Everyone was super friendly and super excited about future of Microsoft under new CEO leadership.”
  • “Took part in an interview event which lasted about half of the day. Four rounds of approximately one hour interviews with short breaks in between. The questions were based on algorithms and Big-O notation for run-time and space complexity. Questions were either straight from or similar to questions in Cracking the Coding Interview. Make sure you understand the complexity of the code you are writing or at least be able to walk through the calculation of it. Practice solving problems from Cracking the Coding Interview and you should do fine.”

And here are some negative snippets from interview reviews from Glassdoor:

  • “I had the initial phone screen and got rejected 3 weeks later. They asked me a series of behavioral questions, and one logic puzzle (fruits and baskets with wrong labels). I am surprised and disappointed in the rejection because I feel that I’m a strong candidate (had final round interviews with very competitive companies). I solved the brain teaser and felt I did a decent job on the behavioral aspect. However, my interviewer was NOT a technical person, so she couldn’t answer any of the more technical oriented questions I asked at the end. I remember my interview only lasted about 20 minutes. She ended my interview before I could think of more questions to ask. I am very confident that if I had a technical person interview me, they’d have a way better understanding of my skill set. Needless to say I won’t be applying to Microsoft again.”
  • “I attended the MS 30 min on-campus interview last week. I prepared a lot of behavior questions before but it turned out that the interviewer didn’t ask any behavior questions. The coding problem he asked me was to find the next larger element in a BST. He didn’t even defined the BST and the function declarations for me, so I had to define it by myself.”

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