Wipro Elite National Talent hunt (NTH) Syllabus for 2022

Wipro National Talent Hunt Syllabus 2022 |
Wipro NTH Syllabus 2022

Table of Contents

Wipro NTH Syllabus 2022 is given here on this page. Wipro conducts a talent hunt exam for the 2022 batch of talented students which is the ” Elite Hunt Exam “.

Wipro Elite NTH Online test Syllabus 2022 consists of 4 sections :

  • Online Test ( Quants +Verbal + logical )
  • Essay Writing
  • Coding
  • Interview

WIPRO Elite Exam according to the latest Wipro NTH Syllabus 2022. 

Note: Online Test time is 48 mins, Combined for (Quants + Logical + Verbal), 20 mins for Essay Writing, and 60 mins for Coding.

WIPRO NTH Syllabus 2022Total Question
Quants16 Question
Logical14 Question
English22 Question
Essay Writing1 Question
Coding2 Question

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